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Chapter 2 1/2: Lodge Location
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"Extreme Remote" Location

The setting of the lodge can best be described as "extreme remote."

Although we are only 45 minutes flying from Anchorage, we are in a very isolated area due to our local landscape. The rivers, streams, and creeks that we fish are too small for float planes to land in. This keeps out the mass of float planes that you see at some of the well known streams in the Bristol Bay and Iliamna areas. In our area, there is no need to get up early, rush breakfast, and race other lodges to get a good spot on the river. Most of the time, we are the only ones fishing the streams, so we don't rush. We do consider ourselves very lucky to be in an area that has so little floatplane access. (We have a private airfield at the lodge that we use to bring Guests to the lodge)

The vegetation of our area is typical of a boreal forest.

Our Location is the key to our offering some of the world's best stream fishing. We are surrounded by "miles and miles of nothing but 'miles and miles' of perfect fishing streams."

You will be fishing in total isolation and enjoying not only the awesome fishing action, but the solitude our area has to offer. Many of our Guests fish the entire week and never see another fisherman.

The lower wetlands contain large tracts of Black Spruce while the higher ridges inland have large White Spruce and Birch trees.

Lake Marie Lodge offers remote and secluded Salmon and Rainbow Trout fishing at its best. We fish many different rivers, creeks, and streams and catch all 5 species of Pacific Salmon. We also catch Rainbow Trout, Arctic Grayling, Northern Pike, and Dolly Varden/Arctic Char. One of the primary reasons why we have such outstanding fishing is because of our unique location. We are located near the confluence of many creeks and rivers.

"Fishing the Braids", pictured above, is very productive as it has great holding water for salmon and rainbow trout. The clear water enables you to be able to "sight fish."

Remote River Systems

There are 3 major river systems within 3 miles (2 within one mile). 

There are 7 streams within 3 miles that salmon run (4 within one and one-quarter miles).

Within a 20 mile radius of the Lodge, Salmon run in 5 major lakes, 8 rivers, and over 35 streams. These include the famed Talachulitna River, and the Upper Lake Creek area.

Most of the water we fish is clear water streams such as pictured to the right.

Small lakes dot the mixed forest of large Cottonwood and Birch trees that is found along the smaller creek bottoms and canyons.

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