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We are an Alaska fly fishing lodge offering fly fishing and spin fishing in remote alaska for salmon and rainbow trout. As an Alaska Fishing Lodge, we concentrate our efforts on rainbow trout, king salmon (chinook), and silver salmon (coho). We fly fish and spin fish, and specialize in "sight fishing" for Alaska king salmon and for "surface fishing" for silver salmon. We are also the only lodge in the world to catch "king salmon on the surface using dry flies."
The lodge has closed for the summer of 2016.


Here are a few comments from Guests who fished with us the last couple of summers (2014 and 2015):

"The guides and staff were great"

"By far, the best deal in Alaska for a week of fishing"

"So Buck, how many silvers did you land today?" "Well, 72 total, 40 before lunch"

"Amazing does not even begin to describe our stay"

"I would go back in a heartbeat"

"First time in Alaska, first time fly-fishing and a lifetime of memories"

"We went to fish, and the fishing at Lake Marie Lodge is fantastic"

"I spent a week at Lake Marie Lodge in August of 2015 and it was outstanding"

"We caught an insane amount of fish"

"I left Alaska a few days ago and I still have Lake Marie Lodge on my mind"

"The food was fabulous and enjoyable"

"It was one of the best experiences of my life"

"If you are looking for a great fishing experience in the bush of Alaska at a rustic lodge where the food, guides, and mountain views are 5 star, then THIS is the place"





At Alaska's Lake Marie Lodge, LLC, we fly fish and spin fish, and concentrate our efforts on Rainbow Trout, King Salmon (Chinook), and Silver Salmon (Coho). We specialize in sight fishing for King Salmon and for catching silver salmon on the surface.

We offer remote and private Alaska fishing in an area with many different rivers, streams, and creeks. We fish smaller rivers and streams, which are usually shallow enough to wade, and have clear water.

Unlike other areas of Alaska, we do not fish large rivers using big water fishing techniques such as trolling, backtrolling, or drift fishing. We feel that being confined to a boat for hours backtrolling is not the Alaska experience that our Guests are looking for, so if you would like to fish smaller waters that run clear, where you spend the majority of your time sight fishing, then give us a call.

We are a medium sized lodge that, over the course of the summer, average about 10 Guests at a time and this ensures that we are able to provide personal and individual attention to each Guest. We work daily with each of our Guests to determine where and which species they would like to fish for the following day. This personal attention assures the Guest of a customized fishing experience.

Along with chrome bright king salmon (chinook), gigantic silver salmon (coho), and large leopard rainbow trout, we also catch large numbers of Arctic Grayling, Dolly Varden/Arctic Char, Sockeye Salmon, Chum Salmon, and Pink Salmon.


 To learn more about Alaska fishing, and in Lake Marie Lodge, LLC, in particular, visit our various web pages listed below. Our Web Site is constructed similar to a book. The Table of Contents (below) are designed to be viewed from chapter 1 onward, however you may also select and view any chapter which you have an interest in. These pages are long and contain very detailed information and many pictures. Quite a few of the fish pictures were selected, not only for the fish, but also for the creek or stream in the background. By looking closely at the backgrounds, you will see many of the various types of creeks and streams we fish in.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: General Information-
Page 1:Introduction, Brief Overview
Page 2:Lodge, Fishing, Other Activities

Chapter 2: Our Fishing Program-
Page 1:Our Fishing Program
Page 2:Fishing Options
Page 3:A Typical Day of Fishing

Chapter 2 1/2: Lodge Location
Page 1:"Extreme Remote" Location
Page 2: Denali National Park Flight Seeing

Chapter 3: Our Facilities
Page 1:Main Lodge
Page 2:Fly Tying Area
Page 3:Bedrooms
Page 4:Cabin
Page 5:Pictures around the Lodge

Chapter 3 and 1/2: Our Activities-
Activities at the Lodge

Chapter 4: Fly Fishing Information-
Fly Fishing techniques for king salmon, silver salmon, and rainbow trout.
Various types of waters we fish.

Chapter 5: King Salmon, (Chinook)-
General Fishing Information.
Spin Fishing for Kings.
Fly Fishing for King Salmon.
Sight Fishing Kings.

Chapter 6: Silver Salmon, (Coho)-
Silver Salmon at Lake Marie Lodge.
Fly Fishing for Silver Salmon.
Silver Salmon on the Surface.

Chapter 7: Rainbow Trout-
Alaska Rainbow Trout Fishing.
Fly Fishing for Rainb

Chapter 8: Sockeye Salmon (Red Salmon), Chum Salmon, and Pink Salmon-
General Fishing Information.

Chapter 9: Arctic Grayling, Dolly Varden/Arctic Char, and Northern Pike
The beautiful Arctic Grayling.
Fishing for Dollies.
Northern Pike.

Chapter 10: Fly Patterns-
Lake Marie Lodge Fly Patterns

Chapter 11: Helicopter Fly-outs-
Helicopter Fly-out fishing

Chapter 12: Packages, Prices,
Fishing Calendar, and Reservations-

Packages Offered
Fishing Calendar

Chapter 13: Rafting-
Rafting at the Lodge

Chapter14: Canoeing-
Canoeing and Kayaking at Lake Marie Lodge.

Chapter 15: Wildlife Viewing-
The Wildlife Viewing Opportunities at the Lodge.

Chapter 16: Views from the Lodge's Decks-
Various photographs taken from the decks of the Lodge.

Chapter 17: World Records Set at Lake Marie-
IGFA World Records set at Lake Marie Lodge.

Chapter 18: Newsletter Sign up Page-
Newsletter Information.

Chapter 19: Stories from Past Guests-
In Their Own Words

Chapter 20: Sportsmen Show, Fishing Clubs, and Seminars-
Lake Marie Lodge off-season Sportsmen Shows, Fishing Clubs, and Seminar


For More Information, Contact:

Lake Marie Lodge, LLC

P. O. Box 670869

Chugiak, AK 99567

Email: lodge@lakemarie.com

Phone (907) 688-6214


Website: www.lakemarie.com

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We are an Alaska fly in fishing lodge offering fly fishing and spin fishing in remote alaska for salmon and rainbow trout. We concentrate our efforts on rainbow trout, king salmon (chinook), and silver salmon (coho). We fly fish and spin fish, and specialize in "sight fishing" for Alaska king salmon (chinook), "surface fishing" for silver salmon (coho), and for trophy rainbow trout. We also catch large numbers of sockeye salmon (reds), chum salmon (dog salmon), and pink salmon (humpies).